To get a pretty good idea of what Underwater People is about, we've put the answers to a handful of the questions we've gotten over the years from our potential clients. 


How many band members are in Underwater People?

Pre show fun in the photo booth!

Pre show fun in the photo booth!

Underwater People is made up of six full time musicians. Most of the members of the band are music school graduates who only teach and perform music to make their living. The band is made up of the same musicians night in and night out, and we've been playing together for many years (Jim and Jacob for over 18 years!). That means that you always know who and what you are getting. This is different than the "So and So Orchestra" bands, who often rely on contracted musicians, some of whom may have never played together before. The band can also be expanded to an eight person band (The UWP Big Show), which adds two musicians who play a combination of saxophone, trumpet, flute and percussion.

What is the band's instrumentation?

The band is made up of an acoustic guitar player who sings, an electric guitar player who sings, a bass player, a drummer who sings, a keyboardist, and a female vocalist. 

What if I want a larger band with a horn section?

No worries.  As mentioned above, you can book the 'UWP Big Show', where we add a very cool brass section to the standard band mentioned above.

What if I want a smaller band with more of an unplugged feel?                                             

No worries here either.  We are often booked as a three piece (3 vocalists playing acoustic guitar, percussion, and electric guitar) to create more of a hang out / sing-along environment.    

What types of music do you play?

With the exception of Rap/House music and heavy metal we can play just about everything else. Unlike some of our actual competition (we kid you not) who believe that contemporary pop consists of songs by Michael Bolton, Sheena Easton or Richard Marx, we truly focus on real deal contemporary pop with songs by artists like Coldplay, U2, Jack Johnson, Mumford & Sons, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, BNL, Dave Matthews, etc.. We also play plenty of classic stuff (Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Beatles, James Taylor, etc?), popular country, reggae, Motown, and so on. During a pre-event consultation, we go over your musical tastes to tailor the performance to what you'd like to hear. Please see our songlist to get an idea of the huge variety of music we play. We also know these songs. Unlike a lot of the "orchestras", there are no "chart books" on stage where the band is flipping through books to get to the next song.  The band also has a country alter ego - Country Sky Band, and they can be booked to play country themed events.

What about cocktail hour or dinner music?

Yes, we offer either a three-piece (guitar, piano, and bass) jazz group or solo piano. All musicians are jazz music school graduates.  Another popular and unique option is our "Acoustic Duo" of a pianist and guitarist singing classic folk and pop songs. 

How far away from Chicago do you travel?

We have played as far west as Portland, Oregon and as far north as the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, as far east as the New Jersey shore, and as far south as the Bahamas. Getting married outside of those parameters, no problem. We'll see if we can work it out. Traveling fees will apply for locations over 75 miles from Chicago. Where the band needs to fly, a PA system and backline music gear will need to be provided.




How do I find out if the band is available for my event date?

CLICK HERE and simply shoot Jim a message or call him at 773.852.3330 and he will let you know if your date is available.

Can I see the band live at a private event before I book the band?

On certain occasions, where it has been cleared with our client, you may check out our band live at another private function. Out of respect for our other clients' private parties, we do not invite prospective clients without their consent. However, the band plays public club dates and festivals on a semi regular basis so these shows are always an option. 

Can you mail me some information?

We would be happy to send you our promotional DVD. You can call us at 773.852.3330 or email us your name, phone number, address, and event date.

Do you have any references?

Yes, check out our testimonials from previous clients. Should you need to speak with some of our past clients, just email Jim, and he can provide a phone number or two.

When must I commit to booking the band?

To insure that the date is available, a verbal commitment is needed as soon as possible. At that point, we will forward you a contract for you to sign and return to us with a 25% deposit.

What is all of this going to cost us?

Our fee varies upon a few factors. The day of the week, the time of the year, the band size, the time frame we'll play, the location of the event, and the size of the sound system we'll need based on the room dimensions and crowd size are some of these factors. To give you a ballpark idea, very generally speaking, we charge between $3500 and $7500 for our performances.

When is payment due?

The deposit is due with the signed contract, and the remainder of the balance is due the night of your event.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Scott gettin' after it!

Scott gettin' after it!

We will accept a personal or corporate check, cash, money order, cashiers check or a PayPal payment.


What is needed from the client on the day of the performance?

An area to play (stage or no stage is fine) and electrical power (2 separate circuits is ideal) is all we need from you. We provide everything else.

When do you set up your sound/lighting equipment?

The entire sound system is set up and sound checked prior to the room opening for your guests. We will be there approximately three hours before guests are to arrive for our set up and sound check.

What does the band wear?

We are most comfortable in dress pants and dress shirts. Should you require us to be more formal, we can certainly accommodate you.

How do you manage volume levels?

We play to the sensitive needs of our clients. Our sound system will accommodate any size room. If, during the event, you feel the music is too loud or too soft, just let us know.

Post show with the band. Photo courtesy of Darcy Demmel Photography.

Post show with the band. Photo courtesy of Darcy Demmel Photography.

Who will emcee our event?

We are frequently asked to MC an event.  No problem, we can take care of that for you.  Our sound system is available for speeches, and any special announcements. If you have someone who'd like to MC the event, they are more than welcome to do this though our system. Otherwise, we take care of that for you.

How long can we expect you to perform?

We typically book a three-hour block of music. However, we can accommodate you whatever your needs might be.

How many breaks do you take?

We only take one ten-minute "bathroom" break. We realize you're paying us to entertain your guests and not to send people home by taking 20-minute breaks every 40 minutes.

Please don't hesitate to CONTACT US with any other questions you might have.