Live musical entertainment for your corporate event, fundraiser, or other private party adds a classy touch with a level of FUN that simply can’t be found with a guy who presses play on a similar device as the one in your pocket right now. The energy that a good band can create far surpasses the energy of Vinny the DJ playing his iPod. Underwater People has performed at hundreds of private functions. Jim, the band leader, with all of his planning and executing experience, can assist you every step of the way to help you create the perfect event.

Scott pounding the drums and 'driving the party'.

Scott pounding the drums and 'driving the party'.

Here's a ballpark timeline and the services we provide at a typical Fundraising or Corporate Event:

6:00 - 7:30 Cocktail Hour - silent auction (if you’re doing one). During this time, we provide ‘canned’ music and emcee services.

7:30-8:30 Dinner (canned music and emcee services continue)

8:30–11:30 Dancing

Here's more detail on what our services include.

Early Arrival and Set Up - Our equipment (sound and lights) arrives 2 hours in advance of your guests coming in to the room so they all walk in to a completely finished room.

'Canned' Background Music - we will roll our iPod “Cocktail Hour Background" playlist for you during the time before we start playing. Your iPod playlist is also more than happily plugged in to our system during these times. During our one band break we also have fun 'iPod' tunes to keep your party rockin'. Should you need sound in another room during cocktails/dinner we will take care of you with that for no additional charge.

Emcee Services - We take care of any announcements (including but not limited to; introduction of important speakers, introduction of any toasts, any event specifics related to auctions, timelines, etc…)

Dancing - The band will play up to a 3 hour dance set with only one short 10 minute break in the middle. Unlike a lot of bands that go 45 minutes on and then 15 minutes off for each hour - we like to avoid the buzz kill of yet "another band break?!?!". We realize you're paying us to entertain your clients, friends, co-workers and other guests, and we're not very entertaining if we're not on stage. Breaks are overrated. Playing music is fun for us!

Five Reasons To Choose LIVE MUSIC For Your Next Event

Jim and Colin.

Jim and Colin.


1. Live Music Creates Excitement -

When you hear live music, whether you're at a club or a private party, it means something special is happening. It naturally draws a crowd and invites people to join in on the fun. Each year, millions of people pay huge amounts of money to attend concerts to hear their favorite singers or groups perform because they want to feel the energy of the performer. Live musicians create an energy unmatched by 

2. Live Music More Easily Sets And Changes A Mood -

Social events are all about human interaction. Live musicians can read the crowd and react to their needs. Live music can set the right tone and mood and change it throughout the event if necessary. Good musicians and groups form a bond with the guests delivering exactly what they want when they want it.

3. People Prefer Live Music and it’s Classy -

How often have you heard someone describe an event they attended and saying something like "and that band was great! You should have heard them play…” Conversely, when have you heard people discussing a party in regards to the "awesomely cool DJ that really rocked the party!!!" .  .  .  . uh.  .  . never.  The music and dancing part of the evening is usually the most memorable part of any function.

4. We all have an iPod or other MP3 device -

Do you really want to go out and get excited to hear someone play the same device you have in your pocket? Enough said!

5. If the event that you're planning is a wedding...

Unless you're Larry King or Elizabeth Taylor, you're planning on one and only one wedding day for yourself, right? Do you really want to squander the most important day of your life (and the most important part of your wedding reception) on a disc jockey?


LIVE MUSIC. When the music really matters…Underwater People.

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